What is a Verve Card?

Of late, there are various debit cards that you can apply for to make transacting easier. While it’s a good thing to move with the electronic payment cards, there is confusion on what to use.

Most of us are now seeing various options on the debit card application form, and Verve Card is one of them. Here, we will shed light on the Verve card and explain what it is. After that, you will know why you need it and where it can be used to transact.

Verve Card Description

Verve card is a Nigerian payment card that you can use to make payments for goods or services. It’s applicable in local POS (Point of Sales) terminals, ATMs, and merchant websites among other areas.

Have you seen a verve card display at your local ATM, merchant location, or an online shopping website? It means you can use it there to transact safely and fast.

Verve card’s main specification is that it is solely based in Nigeria. Later restructuring and expansion have however seen it being issued in more than 40 African banks as of 2015. It has been around since 2008 after the Interswitch Group founded it.

If you are fond of using Naira, then this is one of the safest cards to use. Verve will allow you to pay for online transactions, use at merchant locations, recharge your phone’s airtime, pay bills, etc.

Whatever a debit card can allow, Verve card will do. The limitation in online payments is that this card can only be used in websites that support Interswitch or Quickteller. In most international payments, you cannot use the Verve card.

If you need to make an international payment, then it’s better to go for the Visa or Master card.

Verve Card Main Features

  • You need a current or savings account before applying for this card
  • The card is a debit type. That means you can only use it if the linked account has funds in it
  • It is issued by supporting banks or branches
  • Validity goes up to 3 years from the month when the card was issued
  • In all transactions, you need the PIN issued during registration
  • In online purchases, Verve card requires a second level authentication. It’s a one-time password sent to your phone via SMS
  • Online transactions will also need the 3-digit CVV (Card Verification Value) number. It’s located at the back of the card
  • This card has transaction limits. You can, however, request for a raise in the limitation. It also depends on the linked bank account
  • You can use it to check the account balance via the ATM

Benefits of Acquiring a Verve Card

  • You can use it in many channels supporting the card in Nigeria. It’s also acceptable in other African countries where applicable
  • It’s secure, convenient and fast to use after linking to your account
  • It’s acceptable in any online shopping sites supporting Quickteller and Interswitch. Use it to pay bills, and load airtime at any time since it offers 24/7 access