Tell Winn Dixie – Get the 5$ Off from Winn Dixie Survey

Getting into the retail business means one thing – facing non-stop competition on your way up. How many local retails do you see around your neighborhood? Whatever you see are just a few of the millions all over.

They are also mixed up. You get the local as well as international retailers. When shopping, it’s easier to go to a supermarket that a couple of small retails. Why? In supermarkets, you get almost everything you need in one place.


Now, there are times when supermarkets offer incredible discounts on sales for their customers. That way, more customers keep flowing to their direction. One of the major retails that offer such discounts is the Winn Dixie.

Since 1925, it has been serving its customers while remaining competitive to stay ahead of the business. How? By giving customers the best service and one of them includes the Tell Winn Dixie survey.

Why the Tell Winn Dixie Customer Survey?

Conducting a customer survey is suitable for businesses. They can collect feedback from their customers which they later use to improve. The same case happens when shopping at Winn Dixie.

The management also uses the survey to gauge the shopping experience. Tell Winn Dixie lets them know about the strengths and weak points and any other customer reviews. They will then use all of that to fulfil the customer’s needs.

In the end, they become a sustainable business.


If you like shopping at Winn Dixie, then I’m sure you can spare a few minutes to participate in the survey. It’s available 24/7 online. The requirements needed before the study are also elementary.

To participate in the survey, you need the last receipt you got when shopping there. After that, you can use it to complete the survey by answering the provided questions. The results are getting a $5 coupon discount on your next shopping spree.

What are the Rules and Requirements of the Winn Dixie Survey?

As we said earlier, the rules and regulations here are simple. On the other hand, it’s vital to review them and know what’s needed before taking part in the survey. They are, however, the same as rules from other inquiries.

Winn Dixie has simplified them to encourage more customers to take part. To support the survey motive, we have the rules you need right here. If you obey them when participating in the survey, you will get the $5 coupon with no issues at all.

Participating in the Survey

The Tell Winn Dixie survey is open to all the retail customers. They, however, need to meet some requirements. First, you need to be a legal US or Puerto Rico resident. Next, you should be 21 years of age or above at the time of participation.

The survey is not open to Winn Dixie employees or their relatives.

Requirements for the Survey

It would help if you had the following to participate in the survey:

  • A recent receipt from one of the Winn Dixie stores
  • The receipt should have an invitation to the customer survey at the bottom
  • The receipt needs to contain the 18-digit survey code. This is what you will use to participate in the survey.
  • A computer (laptop or desktop) with a proper internet connection
  • A pen to write the validation code provided after completing the survey

Rules during the Survey

You need only one receipt for one entry to the survey. That implies you can’t use the same receipt twice in the review. As you fill in the requirements and answer the questions, make sure you complete them as required.

If you leave the survey in the middle, you cannot restart the procedure. So, you have to follow through from the beginning to the end. For you to get the validation code, you need to provide your name, contact details and the physical address.

Survey Reward

After finishing up on the survey, you will get the validation code. You need to write it down on the receipt.  Then, next time you go shopping at Winn Dixie, you will get $5 off your $40 or more shopping.

You should use the code as soon as you get it since it has an expiry date. The good thing is that you can use the code in any store.

Reward Card

Apart from the validation code, you can also apply for the Winn Dixie Customer Reward Card. You can then use it to save during shopping at the store. The retail business also offers Baby Club Program.

When you join the program and then spend $50 on groceries, you get a $10 gift card for the Winn-Dixie pharmacy. Do you want to know more offers from the Winn Dixie? Then visit for more information.

How to Take Part in Winn Dixie Customer Survey

The reason why Winn Dixie has a survey for the customers is to find ways to do the best. They sell a wide range of products, from groceries to pharmaceutical products.

To ensure that every product is right for the customer, they need you (the customer) to fill in the survey. It will take less than five minutes of your time. After completion, you will have a $5 coupon reward.


So, do you have the recent receipt from Winn Dixie? The follow the steps below to proceed with the survey.

Step 1: You need to make sure that all your survey requirements are ready. That means you should have the receipt, and a PC with an internet connection. Next, in your browser, you need to enable the cookie and JavaScript settings.

Step 2: Visit the Winn Dixie survey portal by typing on your browser. On the main page, you will see a welcoming message to the customer survey. It’s advisable to read the Privacy Terms at the bottom of the page.

Step 3: Get your receipt and locate the 18-digit invitation code at the bottom. Enter the code in the three divided boxes. After that, press the red Start/Comenzar button to proceed.

Step 4: Answer the survey questions as required and as truthfully as possible. When filling them, recall your last shopping experience. That will help you to fill in effortlessly. You also have to rate the products and services.

You are also required to share your thoughts on the price and products’ quality.

Step 5: Provide your contact credentials. They include the name, address and phone number. When necessary, you can also input your email address.

Step 6: Get the coupon code by submitting the survey. You will then see the validation code which you have to write on your receipt. It has the $5 coupon reward for participating in the study.

Once you revisit Winn Dixie, you can use the coupon to get a discount on $40 or more shopping.

How to Contact Winn-Dixie Customer Service

Do you have any questions or general feedback for the Winn Dixie? Then taking part in the survey is not the only way to let them know about your experience and opinion. On the website, there is also a place with contact information.

So, if you want to give a review without participating in the survey, then go to the contact section. There, you will get three ways to contact the customer support. You can choose any of the three to contact Winn Dixie management.

Here are the ways:

Phone Number

Dial 1 866 946 6349 to speak to one of the staff members. You can avail your questions, and comments between Monday and Friday, from 8 am to 7 pm.

On Saturday, you can call them between 8 am and 4 pm.

If you have any question about the Winn Dixie Plenty Card, call 1 855 753 6841. For the card, they can answer your questions every day from 9 am to 9 pm.

Through Mail

Write a letter to Winn Dixie. The details include:

Winn Dixie Customer Support


Jacksonville, FL 32203 0297

For the letters, your enquiry may take longer before getting the response.

The Feedback Form

You can also submit your feedback via the Winn Dixie Contact Form. Here is the form filling procedure:

  1. Visit the contact menu via at the bottom of the main page.
  2. Fill out the necessary contact information. That includes your first and last names. After that, choose your preferred contact method. You can choose to fill in the phone number, email and physical address or not.
  3. Please choose the subject you need to contact them about. The topics on the options list are about the products, store, Plenty card or others.
  4. In the empty commenting box provided, write down your question or comment. Be brief and specific when giving your feedback. It would help if you also mentioned what you expect from Winn Dixie.
  5. After that, submit your feedback and wait for the response in the next two business days.