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When businesses, in general, care about their customers, it contributes to business growth. Food Lion is one of the supermarkets that always value their customers and their shopping experience.

To make sure that your shopping satisfies your needs, each Food Lion’s store needs to serve the attendees better. How do they know that you contented or dissatisfied? By urging you, the customer, to participate in their Talk to Food Lion customer survey.


You get to the survey by visiting www.talktofoodlion.com, which the official Food Lion website. Anyone can reach the site and view what the business offers.

Quick Food Lion Survey with the Receipt

However, to participate in the survey, you need a recent Food Lion’s receipt. The receipt contains a PIN that you need to use during the review. That’s why you need to have it. Through the survey, you can air your views, comments or complaints.

After that, Food Lion will use that to gauge where they need to improve. They also ask about the experience in the store you visited. That way, they will know if it’s okay to serve the customers or where it needs rectification.

Taking part in the Talk to Food Lion Survey needs less than five minutes. After the participation, Food Lion appreciates you by giving you a chance to join their sweepstake contest.

It’s through the sweepstake that you can get a reward – a $500 gift card from Food Lion. Once you get the card, you can use it to make purchases at your nearest Food Lion store. Now, do you want to join the survey and get a chance to win?

Here are the tips, terms, and condition and anything else you need to learn before joining the Food Lion survey.

What is Talk to Food Lion Terms and Condition?

The rules and guidelines in the Food Lion customer survey are mostly similar to what you have seen before. On the other hand, you need to know what they require from you before going on with the survey.

We will also shed light on the sweepstake entitlement, how to enter, and the prize after completion. Here are the Terms and Conditions involved:

Talk to Food Lion Customer Survey Requirements

To start the survey, you need a recent receipt from one of the Food Lion’s stores. That means next time you visit the restaurant, remember to keep the receipt from the cashier.

On the receipt, there is a survey invitation code that serves as the entry PIN to the study. You need to note that the PIN is only valid for five days after getting the receipt.

After the receipt, make sure you have a PC with a proper internet connection.

Sweepstakes Requirements

If you have a receipt from Food Lion, then you can take part in the survey. On the other hand, being liable for winning the $500 gift card means meeting other specifications. The Food Lion sweepstake is only available to US residents.

As for the sweepstake, it’s meant for people living in 12 states in the US. They include FL, NC, GA, DC, VA, DE, MD, SC, TN, PA, WV and KY. You also need to be 18 years of age or older to participate in both the survey and sweepstake.

One more thing, the Food Lion employees are not allowed to take part in the survey. If the winner is one of the staff members, Food Lion will disqualify that winner.

Entering the Food Lion Sweepstakes

There are two ways to join the sweepstake challenge. The first one is through the survey, where you need a receipt to commence. Once you complete the survey, Talk to Food Lion will automatically direct you to the sweepstake.

If you don’t have the receipt, and still would like to participate, then you can join via the mail. As for the mail method, the receipt is not required. All you have to do is send a card containing your information, including your contact number.

That way, Food Lion will be able to reach you if you win. To send you sweepstake card by mail, use the following details:

IPSOS, card Inc, 222 S Riverside Plaza, Incentive Dept, 160 641 2101, Suite Chicago, Illinois 60606

NB: You can only enter the sweepstake challenge once a week.

Sweepstake’s Prize

Once you win the Food Lion’s sweepstake, there is a $500 gift card for you. Food Lion will have ten winners after each draw. Each of the winners can then use the card to purchase what they need from any of the Food Lion’s supermarkets.

You need to note that after winning, you cannot transfer the prize to anyone. Also, you cannot redeem the card for cash. After the draw, Food Lion will contact the winners within two days.

If there is no response from a particular winner, IPSOS will issue the prize to another winner after ten days are over.

What Do You Need to Access Talk to Food Lion Survey?

When customers share their experience at Food Lion, they get a chance to win the $500 gift card. After winning, you can use the card to shop for any groceries at the store.


Now, apart from a recent receipt, what else do you need to enter the survey, and the sweepstake later?

  • On the receipt, you will need the 16-digit serial number that serves as the PIN. That is what you will use to enter the survey.
  • It would be best if you also had internet connection. If you don’t have access to a computer, you can still use your tablet or smartphone. Just make sure the device you have has reliable internet connection.
  • After submitting the survey, you will join the Food Lion sweepstakes. There, you will enter your data, which will also include your phone number. If you win, that is what Food Lion will use to contact you.

What are the Tips for Talk to Food Lion Completion?

Now, like every other survey, Food Lion has done everything they can to make it simple for you. It’s effortless to fill in since you are only required to choose and answer or rate something.

There is only one place where you will need to type an opinion about the shopping experience. Despite the simplicity, you still need to know the following tips:

Do not search for ‘talk to food lion’ via your search engine on the browser. The results you get will make it difficult for you to find the survey. Instead, type www.talktofoodlion.com on your browser’s web address bar.

Make sure your receipt is valid to take part in the survey. It’s advisable to use the receipt within five days after shopping. One of the reasons for the 5-day limitation is that during this time, your receipt will still be valid.

Another reason is that you will still be able to remember your shopping experience within this period.

Be slow, but sure when entering the PIN. Many Food Lion customers have failed to join the survey because they missed some digits. It could also be a typo case. The PIN is quite a large number. So, with 16 figures, it’s advisable to take your time.

In case you need any assistance with the survey, the Food Lion Customer Service is ready to answer your questions. You can also call them for any other complaints or suggestions. The number to call is 1-800-210-9569.

What are the Questions at Talk to Food Lion Survey?

Now that you have the tips, how about knowing the questions too on the Food Lion customer survey? If you know them now, it will be easier for you to answer when it’s time to take part.

All the questions, but one involves selecting the answer. Only one question here will require you to type something. Here is the list of things you will answer when participating in the Talk to Food Lion survey.

Shopping time and age limit: After entering the PIN on the receipt, the first question is about when you visited Food Lion. First, you need to select the day. The answers here include yesterday, two days ago, three days ago, four days ago, or longer than five days ago.

You also need to state the time. Here, you can select morning, afternoon, early evening, or evening after 7 pm. On the age limit, indicate that you are at least 18 years old.

Rate the shopping experience: On a scale of 1-5, rate how satisfied or dissatisfied with your shopping experience. After that, you should rate the overall service received.

The next section is about explaining your satisfaction or dissatisfaction level.

Shopping likelihood and recommendation: Answer the question on whether you would come back to Food Lion again and whether you can recommend a friend.

Agreement level on statements: On a scale of 1-5, indicate your agreement level with the explanations provided. The first one is whether the Food Lion store values you as a customer. The other is if you agree that shopping was smooth and free of hassle.

Areas needing improvement: On the survey, there will be a list of several Food Lion store areas. Here, you need to select the fields you think Food Lion needs improvement.

Among the choices, you may find a bakery, pharmacy, deli, dairy, meat, and center store among others.

What’s your satisfaction in some of the areas: In this part, you can share your feelings about the topics provided. Are you satisfied with Food Lion’s store cleanliness? How easy is it to find a product? Is it easy to identify sales? What about the total grocery bill?

After that, state your opinion on the affordability and the value of money after spending.

The department you visited: Select the department you visited while shopping at Food Lion. The areas include meat, deli, bakery, center store aisle, and health and beauty.

If you don’t find the department you went to, skip this part. The questions after choosing the department relate to it too. They include the product’s freshness, stock available, and ease of finding the product.

Store associates performance: Did you talk to the staff member present? Rate their willingness to help, friendliness, and how well they knew the product. Was it easy to get their attention? It would be best if you also answered that too.

Using the self-serve checks out: State whether you use the self-serve check out system. Rate the reliability of the terminal and the payment system. It would help if you also said whether you had any problems during shopping.

What’s your Food Lion visiting purpose: Choose why you went to the Food Lion store. The options include fill in the trip, a stock-up trip, or picking something for lunch or dinner. You can also choose whether you picked the items for resale or a special event.

The last part is on whether you own a Food Lion MPV card or not.

Your information: here, you can choose to respond to these four questions or not. If you think they are intruding on your privacy, then don’t. Otherwise, fill out your age range. It includes 18-24, 24-34, 35-44, 45-54 or older than 55 years.

The next one is about your gender and the annual income range. The last part is about your ethnicity or race.

What is Food Lion Open Hours?

Before you visit any Food Lion store, it’s a good idea to know about the Food Lion Store Open Hours of Operation. That way, you will know the Happy Hours and when to get special promotions from Food Lion.

Here are the supermarket hours you should know about:

Days Open Hours Close Hours
Monday 7:00 AM 11:00 PM
Tuesday 7:00 AM 11:00 PM
Wednesday 7:00 AM 11:00 PM
Thursday 7:00 AM 11:00 PM
Friday 7:00 AM 11:00 PM
Saturday 7:00 AM 11:00 PM
Sunday 7:00 AM 11:00 PM

How to Contact Food Lion Customer Service

There are three ways to reach Food Lion Customer Care if you have any queries. They include:

  1. Call the Food Lion Toll free number. Dial 1-800-210-9569 to speak to one of the staff members.
  2. Send mail to Food Lion, Attn: Customer Relations, P.O BOX 1330, Salisbury, North Carolina 28145-1330. You need to include the address if you need a response from Food Lion.
  3. You can also contact them by sending an email via their website. Go to www.foodlion.com and then select the Contact US link under the Customer Service me.


Do you have that Food Lion gift card? Then grab it and use the balance to shop online via the Food Lion Grocery app. it’s always efficient than visiting the store yourself. After that, don’t take your time and answer the survey questions for more winning chances.

If you have any questions about Talk to Food Lion Customer Survey, feel free to leave a comment below. We will get back to you as soon as we see it.

All the best in the Food Lion Survey!