Smoothie King Feedback – Get $1 Coupon Off from Smoothie King Survey

Smoothie King is the one place you would like to visit for an excellent and healthy smoothie. If you have some digestion problems or generally concerned about your health, then this smoothie outlet will benefit you.

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In fact, the founder, Steve Kuhnau, started the smoothie chain out his own health issues. The milkshakes were not working for him hence the birth of a smoothie. After making a smoothie in 1973, what resulted was a chain of restaurants in the US, Cuba and Korea.

As of now, Smoothie King is operating more than 650 restaurants. The secret behind their growth is keeping the customer engaged. Since they always make that nutritious drink, they want to know what the customers feel about it.

Most people who visit a Smoothie King outlet are concerned about their health and maybe weight.  So, after taking that smoothie, the company encourages you to answer the Smoothie King Feedback online survey.

Through the feedback, Smoothie King will be able to collect your reviews and know if the smoothie is still okay or needs improvements. That is why they want to listen to all their visitors.

What are the Rules of Smoothie King Survey?

Since you are a Smoothie King customer, it’s necessary to know the Smoothie King Feedback regulations. First, you need to retain the receipt given to you during your last visit.

On the receipt, Smoothie King indicates the survey invitation and the $1 coupon if you decide to take part. If you enter the survey, you will receive the one dollar discount. You can then use it in your next transaction at the Smoothie King outlet.

So, it’s a win-win situation here. Smoothie King gets feedback and you get $1 off on your next smoothie. Once you have the receipt, go ahead and read the summarized rules below:

Survey Participants

All customers are invited to join the Smoothie King Feedback survey portal. You, however, need to attain some things. One of them is the 18 and above years old requirement for you to enter the survey.

Next, you need to be a US, Korea or Cuba legal resident. If you are a staff member at any of the Smoothie King joints, then you are not allowed to take part.

Survey Requirements

Apart from having the receipt, there are no other special requirements. You can join the review process without the receipt but you will not be able to claim the reward. For you to enter the survey, you require some details from the receipt.

That’s why you need to retain it.

The Survey Reward

To thank you for participating in the survey, Smoothie King Feedback awards you with a $1 discount validation code. You should write it down on your receipt and present it to the cashier next time you visit Smoothie King.

Other Rules

Customers are limited to how frequent they can join the survey. You can join the feedback once in every 15 days. When you get the code, you can only redeem it once and you cannot use it for other offers.

One more thing, you need to use the validation code within 30 days after getting it. After 30 days, the code will be invalid.

How to Complete Smoothie Feedback Survey

You need to have an internet-enabled device to start taking part in the survey. Smoothie King Feedback review is only available online hence the need to have a computer, tablet or smartphone with an internet connection.

With proper internet, you can finish the survey in less than 3 minutes. Make sure you answer everything on the survey to avoid repetition when the session runs out.


Even if you don’t have the receipt, remember that you can still take part in the survey. The only limitation is that you will not be able to redeem the $1 coupon.

Here is the guideline to complete the survey:

Step 1: Access the survey website by visiting on your browser. The site has the company’s logo on the top left and a sample receipt.

NB: If you don’t have the receipt, you can still enter the survey but you’ll need the store’s number, date and time of your visit.

Step 2: Input the Smoothie King’s store number located at the top of the receipt. For those without the receipt, use the store location specification on to search and get it.

Step 3: Select the visiting day and month. The year is automatic. If you don’t remember the details, check your receipt for the correct time.

Step 4: Enter the hour and minute when you visited. It’s also indicated on the receipt.

Step 5: Answer the questions in the survey. Make sure your response is honest and reflects on your experience at the Smoothie King outlet. Don’t leave the comment section blank. It’s also important to Smoothie King Management.

Step 6: Once you finish the survey, you will get a validation code. Write it down on your receipt and then present it later when you visit the Smoothie King joint. The code needs to be written on the receipt for you to redeem it.

What are the Questions at Smoothie King Survey?

Whether your experience at the Smoothie King was splendid or awful, Smoothie King needs to know about it. That way, they will know which services are okay and which ones need improvement.

If you have never taken part in the survey before, here are the questions leakage:

  1. Your overall satisfaction which you should express through a rating scale.
  2. The menu you ordered. If it’s not listed in the given options, select other. Here, you can select multiple menus.
  3. Level of satisfaction on particular issues. They include the menu items and taste, order accuracy and the outlet’s cleanliness. Next, rate how fast the service was and the staff’s friendliness. One more thing, rate the value of money on what you received.
  4. Your likelihood to return to Smoothie King in the next 30 days.  You should also state whether you can recommend friends and family to visit.
  5. Write down a comment that does not exceed 1200 characters. You are free to suggest, compliment or criticize in this section.
  6. Your visiting information which needs you to click on Yes or No. Smoothie King will ask you about being offered something extra such as peanut butter or an enhancer. Also, indicate whether the staff member asked you about the Smoothie King Loyalty Reward application.
  7. Other questions include whether the staff suggested anything from the menu. Did they ask about the discount coupon? Were you greeted and thanked when arriving and leaving respectively? Lastly, did you customize your menu with anything else?
  8. Questions about the staff members. Did the member explain the menu to you? Did they ask your name when making the order or do they know your name already? You can also mention the name of the staff member.
  9. State the number of times you visit Smoothie King within 30 days. If it’s your first time, indicate that.
  10. Your visiting reason. You could be a smoothie fan, or you like the menu offered. Other reasons could be promotions and adverts, recommendation, convenience, previous great experience, or the coupon discount.
  11. Also, mention why you bought a smoothie. Do you enjoy it? Did you take it to forgo a meal? Next, state your nutritional reason to order the smoothie. Is it losing weight or boosting the immune? You could be considering something or not.
  12. Last part relates to demographics. You can choose to skip this part if you worry about your privacy. State your gender, annual income and age. Also, include information on whether you have children under 18 years of age living with you.
  13. Also needed is your ethnicity; Caucasian, Asian, Latino, Native American, etc.

How to Give Your Feedback through Smoothie King Website

If you would like to give feedback without participating in the survey, it’s also possible. The Smoothie King main website has a way to contact the management and leave your review.

The contact form does not have too many questions like the questionnaire. Here are the steps you need to leave your feedback via the Smoothie King site:

Step 1: Visit the main website, and first check on the information available before submitting your comment. After that, scroll down to the bottom to locate the Contact Us menu.

Step 2: Input your visiting details. Enter the city and state of the Smoothie King outlet you visited. Also, indicate when you went to the outlet.

Step 3: Choose your issues category. It could be a complaint, general issue or details about their offers and services. You can also comment about the Healthy Reward program and marketing.

Step 4: Write down your full name (first and last separated), phone number (optional), and email address. Next, indicate your preferred way of contact in case Smoothie King needs to reach out.

Lastly, indicate if you have contacted other Smoothie King outlets before sending your inquiry.

Step 5: Mention in details your Smoothie King visiting frequency.

Step 6: Write down your message in the space provided. It should be in line with the chosen category issue. There is no word or character limitation here. After writing, click the Submit button to send your information to the management.


Now, to all Smoothie King lovers, that’s all about the Smoothie King Feedback survey and what you need to join it. If you have any queries, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.

Otherwise, enjoy your smoothie and don’t forget to enter the survey for the $1 coupon discount.