Scentsy Workstation Pay Portal – Scentsy Consultant Guideline at Scentsy Pay Portal

You must have surely heard of the name “Scentsy” before. Scentsy is a perfume and body fragrance American company. This company was established in 2004 and has won many international awards in direct selling.

Among the various awards received, the most prestigious one is DSA’s First-ever Rising Star Award which was awarded in 2009 for the best business operations.

This is a direct or home-selling company hence Scentsy consultants from more than 11 states have been working with it. Let us know more about the Scentsy portal and what lies in store for you.



Scentsy’s Online and Offline Shopping Channels

These consultants meet the customers directly, show them the Scentsy catalogue to explain a variety of products. Finally, they convince them and sell them the chosen products. Scentsy provides both online and offline shopping to its customers and is quite popular.

You can shop for Scentsy products online by visiting the company’s official website For offline shopping, you need to either to go to the nearest Scentsy store or meet Scentsy Consultant Support who are experts in getting you the best fragrances.

You can follow Scentsy’s social media accounts on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to know more about their new products and latest offers. It is always better to join its membership program.

You can do that by entering your personal details on the portal to create your login account. You can easily make online shipping orders, access your Scentsy online orders, and claim coupon codes and exciting deals.

If you are fond of perfumes and fragrances and interested in this space, you can register yourself as a consultant. No need to go anywhere when you can do your consultancy only through a single account on the Scentsy Workstation Pay Portal.

Why Join Scentsy?

There are a number of wonderful reasons to join Scentsy. Let us now explore some of the most compelling ones. First, you can earn some extra money simply by selling Scentsy stuff in a fun way. It will give you more freedom in life, without a doubt.

You can earn attractive perks, incentives, and offers from Scentsy too. Note that all Scentsy products are high-quality products and that can make lasting friendships and family relationships through these.

The Scentsy Workstation Login portal is especially for Scentsy product consultants. You can earn by selling the products through this portal. Before starting the process to use the Scentsy workstation portal, you should first understand its business model properly.

How This Business Works

The story of the fragrance company takes us to 2004. Orville and Heidi were two famous owners of perfume businesses. They believed perfumes easily connects our hearts with others. They involved their families and friends in the business.

Further, they started direct selling their amazing products through common people who had the knowledge and a keen interest in perfumes and fragrances. That is how the Scentsy consultant business started.


Requirements to Become a Scentsy Consultant

Let us now see the requirements to become a Scentsy consultant and make money will enjoying your passion for perfumes. First, you should be aged enough for being a consultant. You should be a legal resident and you will also need to purchase a starter kit.

You have to do an agreement for independent consultancy and will require a Personal Identification Number. Let us see the process to register oneself in the form of a consultant.

Step-1: First, you have to log on the official website of the company. Ensure that the device you are using has a stable internet connection.

Step-2: Open the menu and click “Become a Consultant”. Select yourself as the owner of a business.

Step-3: Press the “Join Scentsy” button, enter the country name, and the Zip Code of your region. Now make the payment to purchase the starter kit. You can invite buyers by using this kit. You will find about 80 scented waxes, catalogues, order forms, etc in the starter kit.

Targets for Consultants

A consultant’s target is to offer products for sale worth a minimum of two hundred points in a month. A consultant can earn these points by group or individual orders either offline or online.

The consultant may collect the payments from the customers in any mode. However, he has to pay the amount to the company only by logging into the Scentsy Pay Portal.

As a consultant, you can pay the amount to the company only by connecting your credit or debit card to the Scentsy Pay Portal. You also have to consult your sponsor to start your consultancy business. They will arrange the necessary online tools and training for you.

You may contact them during the five working days. You can sell products in a number of ways using your marketing skills or by using party plans. You can sell the products online through your own website too.

How to Log on to The Scentsy Pay Portal

Get ready with your laptop, PC, tablet, smartphone or any such device to begin the login process. If you are using a smartphone than you have to download the Scentsy Mobile App. However, laptops and personal computers are generally the best devices for this activity.


As this process is completely online, you will require a stable and fast speed internet service.

The sponsor will guide you for this business; therefore, first, register yourself with the help of your sponsor.

Through the registration process, you will get your Scentsy credentials password and account ID.

Explore Pay Portal of The Scentsy Workstation

You can easily manage your perfume business by using the Scentsy Workstation portal. Just make sure you go through the instructions for login and the features of the portal that will help you in promoting Scentsy products.

You can take your business to new heights by actively using this portal. It is really easy to log in to your Scentsy portal account. This is as simple as logging on Facebook or Twitter. Follow the below-mentioned instructions to open a consultant account.

Step-1: Search the portal by using any search engine and open the official portal of Scentsy Workstation.

Step-2: Use your Scentsy Consultant ID to create your account.  You will receive an email which will help you to set your consultant account within five days of your registration. By using the correct credentials, you can activate your account.

Step-3: Create a strong password for your Scentsy account by using special characters, lower and upper case letters. Now click on the login button to finish this process.

Activating Your Pay Portal

First, you will need to activate your account to use the Pay Portal. You will get the special link that you will use to activate your portal on the same portal. The system will make the Pay Portal account of yours on the Scentsy workstation when you have finished registration as a consultant.

To activate the Pay Portal, there are some important guidelines and steps to be followed.

Step-1: Search for and open the official portals, of Scentsy Workstation. You could search for Workstation Scentsy ca if you are from Canada.


Step-2: Feed your account Consultant ID to create an account. Now, you will receive an email after your registration to establish your account. By entering the correct ID you will be able to make your account functional as described above.

Step-3: Make a secure password for your Scentsy account. Finish the process for login by tapping on the button for Sign In.

Step-4: You will find a “Scentsy Pay Portal” link on the right side of the upper corner. Just write down your consultant credentials, password, and ID. Now click on the “sign in” button. Further, click on “Resend activation email link”.

Step-5: Type in your email that was used during the registration process. Confirm by pressing the confirm button.

Salient Features of The Scentsy Workstation Portal

Now you must have logged in to the Scentsy Workstation Portal. You would be able to access the various features for the promotion of your business. Some important and useful benefits of the portal are as under.

  • Check your achievements: By clicking the “Goals Volume” button, you can see your earned points using this account.
  • Training: You can get guidance from the sponsor through this menu. Whenever you need to update yourself, you can register yourself for the upcoming training programs.
  • Pay Portal: By logging into the Pay Portal of the Scentsy workstation, you can pay online the amount you owe to the company.
  • Latest updates: This feature provides you with the latest news and information about business growth, events, and training provided by the company.
  • Delivery status: Using this feature, you can check the delivery status of Scentsy products along with product details.
  • Make orders: Using this menu, one can prepare an order. For this, you have to select the order type and the products you wish to send.
  • Accept a Challenge: Scentsy offers challenge programs every week. From this menu, select a Scentsy challenge you wish to take.

Find Your Lost Password for The Pay Portal Account

In the event that you ever lose the password for your Pay Portal account, you can reset it easily. Make sure you follow the process we have highlighted below to get a new password. Using this process, you will be able to access the portal quickly again.

Step-1: Visit the official portal

Step-2: Click the link “Forgot Password” on the portal.

Step-3: Share your valid email address now. Press the confirm button. You will receive a link to modify the password.

Contacting The Scentsy Team

If you are facing any issues with the Pay portal or are unable to login for any reason, the Scentsy team is here to help. You can reach out to the company over the phone. You can call them from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm.

You can also mail them your queries and the team will get in touch with you with possible solutions to your problems. You can also send the team an email. One of the quickest ways to get a response is over social media.

Scentsy has its presence on numerous social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Pinterest. You can get in touch with the team over any of these channels as well to get a quick response.