PublixSurvey – Win $1000 Publix Gift Card from Publix Survey

Publix supermarket is one of the biggest supermarkets in America. It is owned and run by its employees. It has over a thousand outlets spread through select states in the U.S. It also has over 100,000 employees ready to serve your every need as their valued customers.


It offers groceries, food, café, and even pharmacy facilities. Because it is employee managed, it has a very progressive outlook on customer experience and service. Publix has created an online survey called Publix survey. It offers a sweepstake challenge reward for those willing to participate in the study.

Publix and its stakeholders, the employees, take great pride in constant self-improvement. They try to make their service as positively as memorable as possible. The survey’s primary focus is customer satisfaction and experience. Therefore, you are encouraged to share your experience honestly.

Each month among the thousands of submitted sweepstake surveys, they pick one lucky winner. There is a pleasant reward waiting for the winner of the sweepstake. The lucky winner will receive a $1000 gift card.

This gift card is usable from any of their locations and sweeps up whatever product you desire from the store.

What are the Requirements and the Rules of PublixSurvey?

  • Receipt: The receipt becomes valuable to your entry into the review. The essential data you are required to submit is on the receipt.

An excellent example of the data found on it would be the code of the exact supermarket you visited among their many locations.

  • Internet access: Once you decide to participate in their survey, ensure that you have access to the internet. Their portal is accessible from an array of multiple devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and computers for your convenience.
  • Eligibility: Yes, there are specific requirements that you should get to know before you can take participate in the survey. First, you have to be 18 or older to be allowed to take part in the study.

Second, you have to be in a selected group of states. They include Florida, Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee.

NB: Publix employees and direct family members are not eligible for this survey.

What are the Steps of taking part in Publix Survey Sweepstakes?

The questionnaire is simple to understand and fill out. It should take not more than ten minutes. Remember, your satisfaction is paramount so do not fret on giving your honest opinion. They keep your remarks confidential and only use it for the overall rating score.

How to Go about the Survey Process


  1. Visit the Publix survey online portal
  2. Before you begin, you are given the option to choose the language you are comfortable with to take this survey. There are two languages from which you can select; English or Spanish.
  3. Input the store number. It’s a 4-digit number on the receipt. It helps to show the exact outlet you visited for confirmation about your visit.
  4. Enter the Publix survey number. If the survey is active the survey number will be found on the receipts of every service they provide to you. It’s a 16-digit code. However, if you cannot find it, check underneath the allotted slot.

There is a statement that identifies that your specific receipt does not have the code, click on it then you can proceed.

  1. Indicate the time stamp. The survey will require you to input the exact time of your visit on your receipt, so there is no cause for alarm if you forgot as we are often prone to.
  2. Phone number: For those prospective winners, it is crucial to your awarding that you include it. This is the primary way of communication to sweepstake winners.
  3. Answer the Publix questionnaire. Remember that the questions rely heavily on your genuine opinion. This gives them the perspective they need to make each visit to any of their outlets more memorable than the last.
  4. Join the Publix sweepstake. After finishing the questionnaire, you can immediately start on the sweepstake. All you have to do is submit your name, phone number, and email address and select the mode of correspondence you prefer if you win the sweepstake.

If you do win the sweepstake, it is kindly advised not to sell your gift card. You can also not exchange the prize for cash. The winner will also be responsible for paying off all the fees and taxes that come with the award.

  1. Personal data: Customers are encouraged to feel free to share this data as it only used for general identification. It includes name, email address, zip code, telephone number.

For minimal entry, we only need you to prepare a sheet of the index card. Input the categories above plus your mailing address then send your entry to:

Marketing/Research P.O. Box 3300 Publix corporate parkway, Lakeland California 33811.

Publix Super Markets’ Hours

The store locator option on the website or the application gives information about Publix outlets’ operation hours of a store near you. Publix operates between 7 am -10 pm.

However, Publix pharmacy hours are different. Here are the hours to call for pharmacy queries:

  • Monday to Friday: 9 am – 9 pm
  • Saturday: 9 am – 7 pm
  • Sunday: 11 am – 6 pm   

Publix Locations

You can use google maps or use their mobile application to find a store’s area. You can also use the store locator option at They developed this app to customize your customer experience with the stores; hence, all the information you need to know about the store, i.e., store address public phone number, direction, and open store hours.

How to Reach Publix Customer Service

Customers in need of customer care will find that at Publix, they are received warmly by their staff. All questions, suggestions and even criticism are welcomed and appreciated.

We should also try to remember that their staff diligent as they can be, are also prone to error. The support team is advised to be polite to customers all through when dealing with them. The same applies to the customers too.

For a quick response from their customer service team, it is highly advisable to communicate with them on regular working hours.

  • By phone: One can quickly call them on 1 808 242 1227. Their service hours on a weekday except holidays are 8 am – 7 pm and weekends from 9 am – 4 pm.
  • By facsimile: You can use a fax number, which is 863 284 5532.
  • By Mail: One can send a mail to:

Publix supermarkets corporate office,

Customer care,

P.O Box 3300,

Lakeland, Florida 33811

  • Via the social media: You can follow Publix Super Markets on Instagram and Twitter. They also have accounts on; Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube.