Panda Express Survey – How to Take Panda Express Feedback Survey

Panda Express is a chain of Chinese restaurants that was established in 1983. The company now operates all over the world and has restaurants in various regions.  It has more than 1500 branches in the United States and Puerto Rico.

Most of the outlets are located in malls, shopping complexes, and amusement parks.  Panda Express chain of restaurants is known for its exclusive Chinese cuisine. Mandarin Chicken, Kung Pao Chicken, and Beijing Beef are some of the specialty items.

Did you know you can take a Panda Express Survey and qualify for a free meal at one of their restaurants? We will show you the process to do so and earn great rewards too.


Panda Express Surveys

To keep the existing customers happy and satisfied is very important as they are the basic pillars of an enterprise. Panda express always takes care of existing customers. The restaurant management and staff consider the feedback of the customer on priority.

The quality of food and hygiene are important aspects for food chain restaurants that allow them to survive in the competitive marketplace. Panda Express strives to maintain its reputation and goodwill in the market. Through the Panda Express survey, it emphasizes on the feedback.

This is exactly why the Panda Express Survey has been created by the management team. The customers’ feedback helps to update the customer and food policies of the restaurants. It is also an excellent opportunity for management to make great decisions for business growth.

It enables the staff to better understand the customers’ needs which helps them to provide higher satisfaction levels in the future. If you wish to participate in this survey, keep the restaurant receipt with you.

After participation in the survey, you will get a validation code from Panda Express that will entitle you for a free meal at any outlet of Panda Express. Be assured that your feedback means a lot to them. Through your feedback, they come to know about your choices and likes.

They can evaluate their services and improve themselves accordingly. For example, a guest might complain of non-courteous staff and delays in the delivery of food. The company will then look into the complaint and improve staff training.

As a customer, you get a great chance to speak what’s genuinely on your mind. All this, thanks to the Panda Express Survey. Do not miss participating in this survey if you have just gone to any Panda Express restaurant. Your feedback is very important for business growth.

Requirements for Panda Express Survey

You will need the following items to take part in the Panda Express Survey. Therefore, keep them ready for providing your genuine feedback and completing this survey.

  1. Valid Panda Express Receipt

This important document is required to participate in this survey. Note that the receipt from Panda Express should be valid. A lot of useful information is printed on this receipt such as order number, store number, and date and time of billing.

Do not trash your receipt after completing the survey as you will get a free meal only after presenting this receipt during your visit to Panda Express. It will be better to note down the reward code you received after taking the survey on this receipt.

Panda Real Receipt

  1. A device with a high-speed internet connection

You have to equip yourself with a device such as a PC, tablet or smartphone to participate in the Panda Express Feedback Survey. You can access this survey only in online mode. Your internet connection should be fast and stable.

Check the settings of your browser to enable Javascript and cookies. Now you can easily complete this survey.

  1. Any writing tool

Keep a pen, pencil or any other writing tool handy with you to note down the redemption code. You will get this code after the completion of the Panda Express Survey on your purchasing receipt. Both of these details will be required at the time of redemption of the free meal.

Contents of The Panda Express Survey

After completing all of the above requirements, you may complete this customer satisfaction survey in less than five minutes. Yes, this is because the questionnaire is very short and simple.

Before starting the survey page, enable cookies and JavaScript in the browser settings. This is important to complete this survey without any trouble. The Panda survey website is very simple and user-friendly. Just follow the instructions and complete the survey.


Step 1: Login to the official website of the Panda Express survey. Participate in the survey by visiting  or access this survey website by just typing the keyword Panda Survey on any search engine.

Step 2: Type the store number. You will enter the five digits restaurant/store number from the receipt of the restaurant you last visited. You can find the store number on the top of the receipt to proceed to the next survey page.

Step 3: Note the location of the Panda Express Chinese Kitchen from the receipt. In this particular section, just specify the location of the restaurant you have visited.

Step 4: Search for the order number on your receipt. It is usually printed beneath the date of visit.

Step 5: On the next page of the survey, you will find a calendar icon. You have to select the date and time when you visited this Chinese restaurant. After noting the correct time and date of your visit from the receipt, enter the details in the calendar.

You will find four time selection options there. You can select from the following options according to your visit hours: Before 2 pm, 2 pm – 5 pm, 5 pm – 8 pm or after 8 pm.

Step 6: Now select how you ordered the meal: whether it was a dine-in, drive-thru or take away. You will get the questionnaire according to your order type.

Step 7. Finish the Panda Express survey questionnaire. Now you have to complete the main section of the survey by rating to your overall satisfaction on a scale of 1 to 5.

In some other questions, you have to provide feedback on the quality of food, restaurant environment, waiters’ behavior, and about any problems you faced, if any. All this pertains to your visit to the Panda Express Chinese Kitchen.

How to Get Exclusive Panda Express Offers

Avail exclusive offers on food at Panda Express. Just sign in for the offer program through text or emails.  Apart from offers on food, you will also get the updated new menu information, invitation for local events, and special offers.

To register for the offer program just follow the below-mentioned steps.

Step-1: Enter your first and last name in the respective sections.

Step-2: Provide a valid email address and confirm it by just retyping it in the box that’s located on the right side.

Step-3: Enter your Zip code and your phone number without any spaces. Type in your date of birth and select your preference for receiving the message email or text. Now, press the Send button.

After completion of all the above steps, you will get a validation code. Just note this code down on the receipt. To get the prize, just show the receipt to the staff on your next visit to the Panda Express.

We learned the process of completing the Panda Guest Satisfaction Survey. Keep in mind that your internet connection should be stable and fast enough to conduct this survey flawlessly. For any other troubles related to technical errors, just contact the customer service team.

Contact Panda Express Customer Service

Whenever you face any technical problems with filling in the customer satisfaction survey, the customer service team should be contacted. For more details, you can always visit

This is usually the best way to find a solution to your problem. You can see the latest updated menu and search for the nearest Panda Express store online. You can give your valuable feedback directly using the ‘Contact us’ menu.

Panda Express will consider your feedback and get back to you accordingly. You can contact the Panda Express team through various modes. You can reach out to them over the phone or send them an email.

Calling over the phone will help you talk to the customer support representative immediately. Remember to call during the business hours for a response. You can also mail your feedback, complaint, comments or queries by post.

One of the fastest ways to get a response from customer support teams these days is using social media. You can use various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to connect to Panda Express by following its social media accounts.

Last but not least, you can also use the feedback form on their website. Log in on the link and write down your comments in the specified box. The length of the comment should not be more than 400 characters.

Make sure that you enter the details of restaurant location, city, state, restaurant address, purchase invoice details including order number, date and time.

Do not forget to enter your personal details including your name, phone number, email address, and postal address to receive a response from the Panda Guest Relations Staff.

Wrap Up

Panda Express is a renowned restaurant chain in the United States. The company takes customer feedback very seriously and strives to improve its services always. You too can contribute by taking the Panda Express Feedback Survey.

To compensate customers for their time when taking the survey, the company provides them with a free meal on their next visit. In this article, we discussed how you can apply for a free meal and the requirements that you will need to fulfill.