Njmcdirect – Simple Guideline for Njmc Direct Pay Ticket and Check NJMC Hours

Traffic is something we have to deal with and are invariably a part of every time we need to go somewhere. As the error is to humans, we like taking care of our problems in the swiftest and most expedient ways possible.

The new NJMC platform is one such solution we can easily use to fix our little traffic problems.


No one likes spending endless ages waiting for our turn in line at the courthouse or the DMV. Thus the NJMC comes in to help make the lives of the citizens of New Jersey a little bit easier every day.

Convenient Way to Pay for Your Tickets

The access platform has a direct pay feature that has an expendable timeline to fit your working specifications. Generally, it spans over the time government offices are open; hence, people working double, even triple shifts, can get the time to pay their tickets.

You pay on the go, just like you would for online shopping or any other purchase on the internet. The NJMC Direct Pay platform was created partly as an effort to modify the ticket payment system to fit the modern demographic.

Secondly, road safety is a major concern. So, the NJMC online payment helps civilians to pay for their traffic violation tickets faster and avoid congestion at the city hall.

Failure to pay your ticket on time might lead to an additional warning from the court. Repeated non-correspondence after slacking on your payments might lead to a court summon. You also risk your license suspension.

What Should You Prepare Before Accessing NJMC Direct Portal?

The Traffic or Parking Ticket

When the officer gives you the speeding or parking ticket, you should keep it. The ticket contains some very crucial data that you will use when paying for it, such as the ticket number and the Court ID.

These tickets also have the traffic offense details. You can use the ticket sample information on the website if some information is not clear to you.

License Plate Number

This information is available on the driving license.

Credit card or Debit card

To make the payments a success, you need either a debit card or credit card. The website allows you to make payments using the Master or Visa Cards.

NJMC Hours

The NJMC Direct Pay Ticket service is available on an expendable time limit. The timelines are tabled below:

Day of the week Open Hours Close Hours
Monday 7:30 am 11:45 pm
Tuesday 7:30 am 11:45 pm
Wednesday 7:30 am 11:45 pm
Thursday 7:30 am 11:45 pm
Friday 7:30 am 10:45 pm
Saturday 7:30 am 3:45 pm
Sunday 1:00 pm 11:45 pm

How to Pay for the Ticket at NJMC Direct Pay Ticket?

As you prepare to pay, first confirm if the following criteria correspond with the data on your ticket. The traffic ticket should have a Time payment order. The paid ticket should have the issued warrant number.


The type of violation should be payable via the website for you to be able to use the online payment for the traffic ticket.

Steps for Payment

  1. Visit the official site: The official website is www.njmcdirect.com. Sometimes the browser might direct you to portal.njcourts.gov. To verify whether this is the correct website, the court motto is usually on the top left corner of the website. The expression is independence, fairness, quality service, and integrity.

Also, on the left side is the payment schedule. The form to search the time payment order or the traffic ticket is available on the central part of the web page.

  1. Enter the court ID: This is a four-digit number located on the traffic ticket.
  2. Enter Ticket Prefix and Ticket Number: The ticket prefix code is made up of three characters. After the prefix, input the ticket number is on the top section of the ticket.
  3. License plate number: This information is available on the New Jersey traffic ticket. If there are any queries regarding the license plate number, one is required to contact the Municipal court.
  4. Click continue to proceed.
  5. Use your Visa or Master Cards: Follow prompts available on the NJMC Direct pay portal to process the payments made. The website displays payment information in the next 90 days. It is advisable to call the Municipal court to confirm the payment.

What are the Benefits of Accessing NJMC-Direct Pay Portal?

The reasons behind people visiting this website to make traffic tickets’ payments qualify to be the benefits of using the site. They are as stated below;


The time needed to complete the payment of a traffic ticket is usually short. Navigation on this website is also straightforward. The site also provides information on how a ticket should look like.

This helps one get the details required quickly. Also, first-time visitors on the website are not stranded on what to do.


Only the authorized employees of the New Jersey Court can access personal information on the website. Thus users are sure of the security of personal data provided on the site.


The website provides a quick and secure mode of payment compared to payments made personally or through mailing. There is a convenience fee of $1 up to $4, which is way much cheaper compared to the normal amount.

How to Give the Feedback about the Service?

NJMC appreciates opinions about the website and the services offered. They have a feedback form where one submits their thoughts.

NB: Questions related to the traffic ticket not are unanswerable. You, therefore, need to call the Municipal Court on the same.

  • Visit the official portal of NJMC Direct: This the only way to give feedback about the NJMC website. This is done through the NJMC-Direct page or https://portal.njcourts.gov.
  • Select the feedback menu: The feedback option is at the right corner of the page.
  • Enter your name and email: This the only personal information required. It’s essential to fill it if you need feedback from NJMC. You can also give your review without providing your information if you don’t need any response.
  • Select the reason: The website provides you with options to select your feedback reason. The feedback can range from accessibility, availability, whether its a great site or any additional features.
  • Write the ticket status or comment: Whatever you write should match with the reason you picked.
  • Enter the captcha text: This captcha text consists of letters and numbers. The purpose of this is to verify that you are a human, and there are no spams. If the captcha text is not visible, you can click on the sound option for spelling.
  • Click on continue: Here, there are two options available, i.e. submission or editing where you click on the Reset Button.

How to Plead Guilty When You Get NJMC Pay Online Ticket Summons?

  1. Pay the New Jersey Municipal Court a visit.
  2. Avail yourself to a court to plead guilty.
  3. Pay the fine in person.
  4. Accrue the driving record points.
  5. Join NJ Driving Course to reduce the driving record points.

Risks of Pleading Guilty

  • Accruing the MVC or Driving record points.
  • Getting a higher insurance rate.
  • Risk of your license getting suspended. It happens when you get 12 driving record points in a year.
  • Paying other charges. This information is available on the NJ Surcharge official site.

How to Plead Not Guilty When You Receive NJMC Direct Summons?

  1. Litigate your traffic ticket at the Municipal Court during a court hearing.
  2. Avail yourself or hire an advocate.
  3. Prove that you are not guilty.
  4. Get a nil penalty.
  5. Petition a guilty verdict.

What are New Jersey Driving Records

  • Check out the driving record points.
  • Check your personal information.
  • Check the driving license.
  • Check for employee information when checking your background information.
  • Modify the policy estimate.

Types of New Jersey Driving Record

  1. Non-certified driving record: This information is available for personal use only.
  2. Approved five-year driving record: It’s available to the Municipal court officials and the insurance agents. The report can be used to check the background information of a job applicant.
  3. The complete certified driving record: What’s available from this record is a traffic violation, surcharge fee history, driving record points and the accidents involved.

How to Request New Jersey DMV Driving Record?


Visit the official site, NJ MVC or NJ DMV and create an MVC account and user ID. The website is www.state.nj.us/mvc. Click on Request for your Driving History Record option. Enter your MVC user ID, NJ Driving License number and the last 4 SSN digits.

Proceed to pay $15 and choose the driving record type you want. The payments are done using credit or debit cards. You can choose to view or download the driving record.


For you to request a driving record via the letter, you must possess a Driver History Abstract application. The abstract comes with a permitted number and money order or checks for NJMVC which is $15.

The address is NJMVC, Abstract Unit, 225 East State Street, P.O. Box 142, Trenton, NJ 08666 0142.

How to Pay Parking Violation Surcharge at NJMCDirect Pay Ticket?

  1. Payment via mail
  2. Payment in person to the court
  3. Mailing it to the Municipal Court
  4. Online payment via the NJMC Portal

How Much is the Surcharge You Should Pay in NJMCDirect and NJSurcharge.com?

  • For an expired driving license, you are required to pay $100
  • For a suspended driving license, you are required to pay $250
  • For operating an uninsured vehicle, you are required to pay $250
  • For driving when intoxicated, you are required to pay $1000
  • For taking the blood alcohol test, you are required to pay $1000

How to Pay the Traffic Surcharge?

  1. Go to www.njsurcharge.com.
  2. Key in the needed number.  This could be the Driving License number, Judgement number, Surcharge number, Notice number, or the Installment payment plan number.
  3. Enter the date of birth.
  4. Press the submit button. Here you will be able to see how much you have been charged.
  5. Pay the Surcharge. Here, follow the steps on the NJSurcharge website. You can save or print the payment receipt for future reference. Payment can be done in the following ways:
  6. Pay through the telephone: The telephone number is 844 424 6829.
  7. Pay using mail: You can send the money order or cheque to NJSVS at P.O. Box 1502, Moorestown, New Jersey 08057 9704.
  8. Pay via the Western Union: This mode of payment is available nationwide.

How to Verify the Traffic Ticket at NJMCdirect Official Site

  1. Have in your possession of all the necessary documents
  2. Visit the NJMC-Direct website
  3. Have a look at the ticket information
  4. Input the required ticket details
  5. Pursue the prompts to approve and pay for the traffic ticket


Here is what you can do to make sure everything is all right before proceeding:

  • Whether you have entered the correct and valid ticket details
  • Whether you have a reliable internet connection
  • Whether payments have been done during the provided period of time
  • Whether you have prepared the proper tools of payment