[OFFICIAL]MyKFCExperience: Take KFC® Survey & Win Coupon 2019

The MyKFCExperience survey is conducted to help the company gain information. The company can identify cases where customers liked or disliked products and services. MyKFCExperience is a survey which helps customers to voice their opinion and win coupons.


Customer satisfaction is the main focus of every company, especially in the food industry. Good customer experience establishes a healthy bond between the customer and the company. Surveys are great ways to conduct research about customer experience.

Using a survey helps both small big companies to know about the customer satisfaction levels. They gain a better insight into the requirements of their customers and can constantly improve. 

While positive feedback is used as an appreciation, negative feedback helps the company improve. Negative feedback is taken very seriously by companies and they work hard to meet the expectations of customers. 

Customer satisfaction also helps companies as they get loyal customers for a lifetime. Consumer reviews are very important for any company. When customers share their feedback on social platforms, it helps the company grow.

Know More About KFC Restaurants

KFC is a well-known name in the fast food industry. The company is known for its specialization in fried chicken. KFC today is the second largest food chain after Mc Donald’s. Did you know that KFC uses a secret recipe for its seasoning that is only known to a few persons?

The company uses two suppliers and creates its popular blend. However, the recipe is still kept secret. 

The company serves more than 20,000 locations in 123 countries around the world. The company was founded by an entrepreneur named Colonel Harland Sanders. It was founded in 1930. It was earlier called “Sander’s Court and Cafe” and the name was later changed to KFC.

It is said that he began his venture by selling fried chicken from his restaurant on the roadside in Corbin, Kentucky. Soon after, he started his own restaurant and named it “KFC”. The journey was no easy. It took several years for the company to become what it is today.

What started as a humble restaurant became an international food outlet. No matter where you are in the world, it’s quite likely you’ll find a restaurant nearby! 

KFC became one of US’s most popular food outlets to have spread internationally. There are outlets all across the world. KFC was also the first to open up a franchise in China. 

MyKFCExperience and Your Favorite Foods

The major products offered include Chicken Burgers particularly the Zinger and Tower Burgers. There are also wraps and finger foods. Crispy Chicken Strips and Hot Wings are also popular. 

One of the most popular delicacies served at KFC is Popcorn. This contains small fried chicken pieces. Customer experience is supreme at KFC. That is why the menu is adapted to suit the taste of the different cultures around the world. 

Over 300 KFC food items are available at food outlets around the world. While in the US and the UK, grilled chicken is sold, in Islamic countries, the chicken that is served is halal. In Asia, people have a preference for spicy foods. For them, KFC offers the Zinger Chicken Burger. 

KFC also serves wraps, chicken fillet sandwiches, salads, and pressure-fried chicken. 

The company introduced the MyKFCExperience survey for consumers to share their experience. This is a win/win situation as the company gets valuable feedback while you get amazing coupons! 

The surveys help companies better understand their consumers and improve their services. Since consumers spend time on completing the survey, they are compensated with free coupon codes. 

Steps to Participate in the www.MyKFCExperience.com Survey

Here are some steps that need to be followed to participate in the MyKFCExperience survey. Follow all steps to win coupons! 

Step-1: Visit your nearest KFC restaurant and place an order of your favorite items. Do not forget to preserve your receipt. This will be needed during the next stage. The receipt has a number of different codes that are to be utilized. 

Step-2: Go the official MyKFCExperience website. You can visit the website on any device that has a stable internet connection: your laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Step-3: Fill in the survey code, ticket number, date, and time from the receipt. You will find all of these details on the order receipt. If there is no survey code on your receipt, click on the link provided for this purpose. If you face any problems, get in touch with customer support.


Step-4: The survey will now begin. Answer the questions in the survey and give your honest feedback. You will see a few questions— keep answering and move on to the next one. 

Step-5: After you complete the survey which should take a few minutes, hit the submit button. You will now be asked to fill in your contact information. Once you provide the contact details, a code will be displayed on the screen. Note this code down on your receipt.  

You can use this coupon code and avail special offers! You can now present this code at the restaurant when you next visit. Make sure that you keep the code safe and note it down correctly. Use it in time too! Every coupon code will have an expiry period mentioned on it.

Eligibility Criteria to Participate in www.MyKFCExperience.com Survey

The following are some of the eligibility criteria you must fulfill to participate in the survey. Make sure you are eligible to participate and win a free coupon. 

  • You will need a valid KFC receipt from your recent restaurant visit. Ensure that the receipt has a survey invitation.
  • Make sure you have a PC, tablet, laptop or smartphone with internet connection ready.
  • You must have a basic understanding of either English or Spanish language to be able to take the survey.
  • There are also time limits associated with the use of coupon codes. If your code expires, you might not be able to avail your offer. Therefore, remember to use the code well in time. 

General Tips to Remember When Taking MyKFCExperience.com Survey

Let us see some important tips to help you get exciting coupon codes on MyKFCExperience. 

  • You will have to answer the questions that are based on your experience at the KFC restaurant. 
  • Once you complete the survey, a validation code will be provided. This code enables you to get exciting offers when you next visit KFC.
  • You need to keep in mind that the validation code can be used only once. This means that you cannot keep using the same coupon code to avail the offers every time. 
  • The validation code also has an expiry date. Make sure you use the code before it expires. The validation code is typically valid for 30 days and can be redeemed at the restaurant where you made your previous purchase.
  • Ensure that you have not blocked javascript and cookies in your browser when taking the survey. If these are blocked, you will not be able to take the survey properly.
  • Keep the receipt from your order handy as it will have the survey code and other information to be entered. 
  • Should any problem arise, get in touch with KFC customer care.
  • The survey can only be availed if you have the survey code ready. There can be cases where no survey codes are mentioned on the receipt. You will find a dedicated link to click on the MyKFCExperience web page if this is the case. 

Earn Even More Rewards 

You can earn even more rewards if you register for the Colonel’s Club. This is the rewards program of KFC and it is free to sign up.

Once you register for the club, you will begin getting reward points for your purchases. There are also special deals on offer. This is a great way to earn even more apart from the MyKFCExperience coupons! 

The membership also entitles you to receive recipes throughout the year. You can also get gifts and freebies on visits to the restaurant. 


KFC is one of the first American chains to have spread internationally. It offers multiple delicacies to consumers and encourages them to take surveys. With such surveys, the company obtains valuable consumer data about their experience which helps them improve.

MyKFCExperience is a great way for consumers to fill in a quick survey. In return, they get free coupon codes that they can use to get offers when they visit the restaurant next. 

This is a great way for the company to know what’s inside the consumers’ minds. They can constantly strive to improve their services and lead in the food industry.