Is Verve and Visa Card the Same?

You may have encountered different types of credit or debit cards when going to apply for one. These days, it’s essential to get a card when opening a bank account. However, what do you do when you see a Verve card and Visa on the same list?

Most people are confused about what to pick (especially in Nigeria). Well, we are here to explain the difference between the two and when you should choose either. You will know what each one does and some of the vital aspects related to their use.

What is a Verve Card?

This is a card that initially originated in Nigeria. It is now being issued in over 185 countries in the world, with 40 of them being African. The limitation here is that it’s only made for Nigerians.

That means you can use it to transact in Nigeria or outlets that partner with Interswitch or Quickteller. In other international purchases, this card may not be valid if the merchant is not integrated with the brands above.

On the advantage side, it’s cheaper to acquire one and use. If you are a Nigerian or fond of using Naira, then this is the card for you. Just like any other transaction card, it has a transaction policy of N100 and spending limits.

Apart from the limitations, it works just like the Visa and Master cards when using it to transact. You require a PIN when accessing it, and it has the CVV number for online transactions.

Also, in online transactions, you need to activate the Verve card’s SafeToken security protocol. Lastly, the card’s validity is three years from the month of issue.

What is a Visa Card?

The difference between a Visa and Verve card is that the prior is not limited to a particular country. For Visa Card, you can use it for international transactions which include online payments. People have also used it to pay domestically no matter where they are.

The Visa card originated in California before going global in 2007. When transacting online, Visa requires a transaction fee of $0.25 or N100. If you don’t want the Naira limitations when shopping around the world, then this is the card to apply.

The Visa cards have variations depending on what’s comfortable with you. There are Normal, Gold, Platinum, and Infinite Visa cards. For the Normal and Gold, you can renew them after their expiry has reached. You, however, get more extended durability in Gold option.

For Platinum and Infinite Visa cards, they are given to valued customers who perform heavy transactions. That includes online and other foreign purchases. In most cases, you cannot renew such a card. It’s given to the customer depending on the lifestyle and preference.


Now, you know the difference between a Visa and a Verve card. That means you now have an idea of what to pick depending on how you transact. If you have any questions regarding these two card types, feel free to leave comment below.

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