EPLFeedback – Grab $1 Off Coupon Discount from El Pollo Loco Guest Survey

Do you know the El Pollo Loco restaurant? If you don’t, then you need to visit there. If you do, then you know all the kinds of chicken dishes served there. The name El Pollo Loco is a Spanish phrase meaning The Crazy Chicken.

So, now you know why they server chicken on the main menu. The dish that says, ‘I have eaten there once’ is the grilled chicken marinated with herbs, citrus and other zests. It’s then served with burritos, quesadillas, salads, soup or tacos.

El Pollo Loco

To get more out of the taste, you can add some guacamole and salsa to it. All of this began on a humble chicken cart at the roadside. Now, the EPL has chains of restaurants all across America.

You don’t only get the dining at a restaurant service. They also have catering services and drive-thru. Do you like the Te-Mex dish, then El Pollo Loco should be your favorite spot to get it.

Once you have some of the best chicken from one of their restaurants, they also appreciate the feedback. That is why they have the EPLFeedback survey for you, the customer.

If you participate in the feedback, you are liable to win a $1 coupon discount. You can then use it during your next visit.

What are the Rules of EPLFeedback Survey?

The purpose of reading these rules is for you to know whether you are eligible to participate in the survey. You will also know the requirements needed by EPLFeedback for successful participation.

Now, these are the rules stated by the El Pollo Loco management

Participating in the Survey

First, you must be a legal US resident. Next, you should be 18 years of age or older when taking part in the survey. During the review, you need to have a recent El Pollo Loco receipt from one of its restaurants.

Requirements in the Survey

We already mentioned about having the El Pollo Loco receipt. Another thing is a device with a reliable internet connection. It could be a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

Reward from the Survey

Now, that you have agreed to participate in the EPLFeedback, there is a validation code for you. You can redeem this code in your next purchase at the restaurant. You, however, need to make a $5 or more transaction with the El Pollo Loco to redeem the code.

You can redeem the code at any El Pollo Loco restaurant near you.

How to Take Part in El Pollo Loco Survey?

Here, we will explain how to get through the survey process and get the $1 coupon discount code. The EPL feedback will need your receipt and internet-enabled device ready. Without the receipt, you will not be able to participate.


That’s why it’s crucial. As you read the steps, you will see why you need it.

Step 1: Enter the EPLFeedback survey by typing www.eplfeedback.com on your browser. You will get the El Pollo Loco survey welcome page. Here, you can also contact the Guest Service if you need a faster response on a pressing matter.

Step 2: Select the preferred language. The EPLFeedback survey has two language options: English and Spanish.

Step 3: Enter the El Pollo Loco store number. It’s a 4-digit number at the top part of the receipt – somewhere near the address.

Step 4: Provide the El Pollo Loco survey ID. It’s a 13-digit number at the bottom part of the receipt. Once you enter it, click on the Take Survey button to start answering the questions.

Step 5: Respond to the survey questions truthfully and as prompted. You will need to indicate the date and time of your visit. You are also required to rate various El Pollo Loco aspects. Lastly, you are allowed to give a comment or suggestion about the restaurant.

Step 6: Once you finish up answering the questions, you will see the coupon code displayed. Once you get it, please write it down on your receipt and keep it. Next time you visit the restaurant and buy a meal worth $5 or more, you will get a discount.

Just use the validation code on the receipt to get the discount.

What are the Questions at El Pollo Loco Survey?

The reason why El Pollo Loco wants you to fill in their EPLFeedback survey is to get feedback. With the comments and suggestions you give among other things, they use that to improve the business in future.

Every time you visit there, the experience is unique. So, your feedback through the survey is vital. With that, you can learn some of the questions they ask to get an idea. They include the following:

Your mealtime: Here, you get to choose the time you visited the restaurant. The time ranges you can select involve earlier than 11 am, 11 am – 2 pm, 2 pm – 5 pm, 5 pm – 8 pm, or after 8 pm.

Type of customer: Whichever way you chose to purchase from El Pollo Loco, you will always get a receipt. So, you can choose among the five options given: Dine In, catering, Drive-Thru, Carry-Out or Delivery.

Check number: The EPLFeedback requires a check number which is on your receipt. If there is no check number on the receipt, click next.

Name of the cashier: Here, you should enter the cashier’s specific name at the El Pollo Loco restaurant. If you don’t have the name, skip the question.

Visiting frequency: El Pollo Loco requires you to indicate how often you visit their restaurant(s). It could be the frequency within the last six months, or it may be your first time.

It also asks you about the visiting frequency of other competitive restaurants in the past 30 days.

Overall satisfaction: Here, you should state how satisfied you are with service offered to you. You can also indicate the satisfaction level to rate the value of the service.

Visiting details: Here, you will tell El Pollo Loco about your experience during the visit. The first thing you state is whether you were received warmly with a friendly greeting.

You will also state whether the staff said thank you when you were leaving. Did they tell you to come back again? Once you answer all of that, rate the speed in which you received your order.

Your order: Here, you tell the El Pollo Loco about your satisfaction with the food. You are required to rate various aspects such as the taste, portion, temperature, presentation and the variety on the menu.

The restaurant: Here, you should click on either agree or disagree. The statements here include the design and liking of the restaurant, and staff care and quality of experience. You will also see a statement about the excellent quality on the El Pollo Loco menu.

The last one is on whether El Pollo Loco is a cool brand.

Returning likelihood and recommendation: Will you return to the El Pollo Loco restaurant again? Depending on your experience, you know how to answer the question. They also ask whether you can recommend the restaurant to anyone.

The menu order: Select the menu you ordered during your last visit. It could be a chicken meal, Quesadilla, Loco value menu, Burrito or Salad. You should also state whether you ordered or whether it was suggested for you.

Next, tell the EPL management what you think about the suggested order. It could be to your linking, thoughtful of the staff, or inappropriate.

Comment: El Pollo Loco invites all kinds of feedbacks. So, in this section, you should write about your experience as it was. You should state about the service and the name of the one who served you.

If you can’t remember their name, you can skip that.

Your details: Here, it’s all about you. State your age and gender. It would help if you also chose your ethnicity – White, African American, Caucasian, Asian, or Native American. Next, state your annual household income and how far you travel to visit El Pollo Loco.

How to Sign Up El Pollo Loco Rewards Program

Are you’re a frequent El Pollo Loco visitor? Then you can sign up for the Reward program via the restaurant’s main website. Once you visit the site, you will see a pop-up that invites you to the El Pollo Loco Reward Program.

If you join it, here are the benefits you realize:

Free Entrée to El Pollo Loco

Signing up for the Reward program means getting a coupon. It has a $7 redeemable value so, you can use it on the food and beverage at any El Pollo Loco restaurant.

For you to redeem it, you have to buy something though, from the restaurant.

Earning El Pollo Loco Points

Being a member implies getting points out of spending. You get one point for every dollar spent at the El Pollo Loco. Once you achieve 100 points, you will get a $10 reward.

Birthday Gifts

When signing up for the program, El Pollo Loco will ask for your date of birth. That is what they will use for surprising you when the day comes.

Special Offers and Rewards

Being a Loco Reward member means more benefits. For instance, you can get bonus days from the restaurant. Also, when you invite a friend to the program, you get a special reward too.

You are also bound to be receiving special offers from El Pollo Loco.

Now, are you interested in joining the program? Then you need to download the El Pollo Loco app from Apple or Google app stores. After installation, sign up for the reward program via the application.

If you don’t have the app to sign up for the rewards program, then you can join it via the website. Here are the instructions you need to enroll via the website:

Step 1: Visit the El Pollo Loco website or type www.elpolloloco.com on your browser. At the top, locate the menu bar with options such as El Pollo Loco food, El Pollo Loco Locations, rewards, promotions, and order now.

Step 2: Select the Loco Rewards option to see a benefits page. It talks about the El Pollo Loco app benefits, and what you get from joining the Loco rewards program.

Step 3: Under the slideshow, you will the Login and Sign Up options. Since you have not joined yet, click on the Sign-Up.

Step 4: Complete the rewards registration process by filling in the relevant details. You will need to input a working email address, first and last names, and a phone number.

Step 5: Set up a password for your account. It should contain at least six characters. You are permitted to use letters, numbers and special characters. Complicated passwords are much better, but you have to type something you can remember.

Next, retype the password in the next box to confirm it.

Step 6: Enter the invitation code. You can get it either from the app or after completing the EPLFeedback survey. After that, indicate your birthday date. This is what El Pollo Loco will use to send gifts to you.

Step 7: Select your favorite El PolloLoco spot. This is one of the restaurants that you visit often. Next, answer the simple Math question to confirm that you are not a robot. If it’s difficult, you can change it.

Step 8: Press the submit button to complete the registration process to the Loco Rewards. After that, you can try to log in by clicking the Login button. There, you can enter your email and the password you provided during registration.

Have you forgotten your password? Click on the Forgot Password link.

Another way to sign up to the Rewards program is through your Facebook account. Once you get in, you can explore the menu and start earning points through purchases. Once you purchase, you should tap on the EARN button on the El Pollo Loco app.

After that, to add the points, you need to scan your phone at the register. Once you reach 100 points, you are liable for claiming the $10 reward.

How to Contact El Pollo Loco Customer Service

Apart from the EPLFeedback survey and the Loco rewards program, do you need to contact the EPL customer service? Well, you can find the contact information on the website.

Here are the contact details though, if you don’t find what you need on the restaurant’s site:


  • To contact the Guest Service, dial 1 877 375 4968. Calls valid between 5 am and 9 pm.
  • To reach the El Pollo Loco Corporate Office, use 714 599 5000


Send a letter to the following address:

El Pollo Loco 3535,

Harbor Blvd, Suite 100,

Costa Mesa CA 92626

By Message

You can also send a message via the online form at El Pollo Loco website. You don’t need a receipt here when sending such messages. Here are steps to send a message using the contact form:

  1. Visit the main El Pollo Loco website
  2. Click on Contact Us at the homepage’s bottom part
  3. Select your comment type. It could be for the visit, the rewards program, general or the gift card. After that, enter the restaurant number.
  4. Choose the date and time of visit at the El Pollo Loco
  5. Complete the form by filling in your details. They include the phone number, home address, your name, and an email.
  6. Select your preferred method of contact. In the last part, write down your comment and submit. Remember, what you write should be brief with your expectations from the EPL management.