Can I Use Verve Card For Online Payment?

Do you have a Verve card already? Is it already activated? If it’s yes to both questions, then that’s great. Now, you have to do one more thing to gain seamless transactions across all platforms. It’s activating it for online payments.

Have you tried using it to make an online purchase? Did you go through? If you didn’t, then you need something we call a SafeToken. Here, we will explain what it is and how you can use it to activate your verve card.

Once you activate it, you will now be able to make online payments. That includes online purchases and betting sites, among other online services.

Verve Card Online Payment Activation with SafeToken

SafeToken is a system made to generate OTP (One-Time Password) whenever you make an online transaction. Interswitch supports Verve card as you may already have known.

So, once you make a transaction via a website using Interswitch Web Payment platform, the SafeToken will generate an OTP. The Verve card has other security protocols such as the PIN and the CVV code.

For SafeToken, it’s just another layer of protection added on the card to make it secure when transacting online. To use the SafeToken to start generating the OTP, you need to activate the security measure.

NB: After activating the SafeToken, it will generate a new OTP every time you make an online transaction.

Activating the SafeToken for Online Payments

Once you get your verve card, first enable it by changing the initial PIN at the nearest ATM. Upon activation, you can use it for the local transactions. Next, it’s time to get the Interswitch SafeToken service for online payments.

Once you get the SafeToken, it will generate a 6-8 digit OTP code every time you make an online transaction.  The SafeToken is the security protocol that enables you make a purchase on a site with the Interswitch online payment entry.

The second time authentication method verifies that you are the one using your card via your phone. Now, to activate the SafeToken, go to the nearest ATM and follow the steps below:

  • Once you get to the nearest ATM, insert your verve Card
  • Input your 4-digit PIN and press Enter to access it
  • Choose the bank account type to continue
  • Next, select ‘Quickteller’ alternative in the menu provided
  • After that, choose ‘Pay Bills’ from the menu appearing after selecting Quickteller above
  • Choose ‘Others’ from the bill payment menu list of options
  • Now, enter ‘322222’ when prompted to give the biller code
  • Input your mobile number when asked for the Customer Reference Number. After that, select ‘Proceed’
  • A display will then pop up to ask you ‘Do you want to make this payment?’ The amount due will be N1 (One Naira)
  • Select ‘Pay amount due’ to finish up
  • Once you are through, you will get a confirmation page showing that the registration was a success.

After completing the SafeToken activation, you are now enabled to receive OTP codes. Every time you make an online payment, the OTP will be sent via text using the registered phone number.

Use the sent PIN at all times to complete the transaction using your Verve card.

Generating the SafeToken OTP via USSD

Other ways to get the OTP code during online transactions include the USSD. Here is how to do it:

  • Using the registered phone number on your Verve card, dial *322*0#
  • You will see a list of the existing cards
  • Select the bank you wish to get OTP from by typing the number it is in on the list.
  • An OTP will be automatically generated for the one-time use
  • Input the code on the website you wish to transact with and send the payment