AlaskasWorld Paperless Employee Travel Login 2019

Alskasworld is a famous online portal that is specially designed for the employees of Horizon Air Groups and Alaska Airlines. The employees can simply log on to the portal and can even communicate with each other.

What are the other uses of the portal and how do you log in? We shall explore this very theme in greater detail in this article, so sit tight!

The company operates several flights. It has created an exclusive online employee portal. The aim of the portal is to ensure the proper functioning of the two airlines. It also helps ensure that the employees know the functions and duties well.

Through the use of the portal, employees can know their shift hours. PET (Paperless Employee Travel) is a section of the portal that displays work-related information. PET is considered to be of the most important features of AlaskasWorld.

Let us know more about Alaskasworld and Paperless Employee Travel in this article. This is a revolutionary new platform that makes accessing and managing flight details super fast and simple. If you are an Alaska Airlines or Horizon Airlines employee, this one is a must read! 

What is Alaska Airlines and How You Can Earn Rewards 

Alaska airline is one of the major airlines in the United States. The airline mainly connects Alaska with the rest of the states. The company traces its origins to 1932 when it was called McGee Airways. Alaska is the fifth largest airline in the US and is headquartered in Seattle.

The airline connects the major transport hubs to Alaska small towns. It operates more Alaska to contiguous state flights than other airlines. The airline, as of 2018, employs more than 21,000 people. 

The company also keeps its customers happy and is known for its loyalty rewards program as well. It has had one of the highest customer satisfaction ratings. 

The company awards miles based on his far customers fly, unlike other airlines. The cost of the tickets does not play any role. It really takes care of its customers. 

Delays in flight times lead to customers being provided restaurant voucher codes. Similarly, Wifi passcodes are also provided. Employees are empowered to do anything that can lead to better customer experience. 

Customers celebrating their anniversary can be provided a round of free cocktails. Employees are also provided bonuses for their efforts and hard work. 

The company introduced the PET (Paperless Employee Travel) system in a bid to make it easier for employees to manage flight details. Employees can simply log in to the portal using their computer or smartphone. The process is very straightforward! 

Steps to Use AlaskasWorld On Your Computer 

Let us see the steps to use AlaskasWorld and the Paperless Employee Travel (PET) portal. The following process is to be followed when logging on to the system using a computer. Ensure that you follow all steps and keep your employee ID and password handy! 

Step-1: Proceed to and you will see the main homepage

Alaska Airlines Paperless Employee Travel Login

Step-2: Look out for the section named Paperless Employee Travel (PET) or Fly and click on it. You will now see the Alaskasworld PET login page. 

Step-3: This page is for employees to log in to the portal. Now select the company that you work for from the drop-down menu. 

Step-4: If you work for Alaska Airlines or Horizon you can use this portal to log in. If you work for Alaska Airlines click on the “Web User ID” option. You can now enter the Employee ID. Fill in your password. 

alaskasworld login

Step-5: Working for Horizon? Click on “Web User ID” and enter your Horizon employee ID and password to log in. 

Step-6: Do you want your device to remember the login ID and password so that you do not have to enter it again? Simply click on the option to remember the UserID on the computer. This way, the computer will remember the credentials and you will not have to enter them again. 

Step-7: Now log in and you can see the dashboard in front of you. 

Simple, right? That’s all it takes to log in to the system. You can now access and manage your flight details. Just ensure you follow all of the above steps carefully and you should be good to go! 

Using Your Mobile Phone to Log In To Alaskasworld PET

What if you want to log in to the Alaskasworld PET (Paperless Employee Travel) system from a mobile device, you can do that too. The process is very simple and involves just a few steps. 

Step-1: Visit the website on your mobile browser. You will see the option asking you where you wish to go today. Select the PET option. 

Step-2: Enter your login ID and password on the website. Now login. 

Step-3: Click on the PET section of the website if you would like to visit the Paperless Employee Travel section of the website. 

Step-4: The browser on your phone will ask you if you wish to save the user ID and password. Save the password if you do not want to enter it every time. 

Step-5: You will see a box asking you for your Alaska or Horizon ID. if you do not remember your user ID or password, you can see the rear side of your badge and you will find the number. 

You should now be able to log in and then see the dashboard. If you face any problems, reach out to the Alaskasworld ICS support desk during the business hours. 

You will also see the other customer service channels that you can use on the main website. Once the employee has logged in, he/she can see a lot of data pertaining to their work position. 

As before, once you are logged in, you can manage and access all information with ease. Just ensure that you have your employee ID and password handy when you log on. 

The Uses of Alaskasworld PET System

Wondering what the uses of the Alaskasworld PET system are? As you might have already seen, Alaskasworld Paperless Employee Travel (PET) program allows you to use the system for a lot of tasks. 

People can fly all over the world using Alaska Airlines. Employees can better manage all information using this portal and the many functions that it serves. 

Actually, Alaskasworld is a web port that will provide information about the airline’s travels’ for the employees. Employees can use the Paperless Employee Travel (PET) system to manage the details of the flight in a fast and simple manner. 

Information Needed Before Using Alaskasworld PET Login 

Let us see what all information you will need before you can use the Alaskasworld website to login. 

  • You will need your Alaskasworld employee ID
  • You will need the Alaskasworld password
  • You will also need the Alaskasworld PET password
  • If you are a Horizon employee, you will need the Horizon Air employee ID.
  • You will need both the username and the ID to be able to log on. If you do not have the password, you will have to set it up first. 

Make sure you are ready with all of the above information before you set out to log in. 

How to Get New Alaskasworld Password 

If you wish to create a new password for Alaskasworld, you can visit the website. On the website, you will see several options for ‘forgot password’, ‘change password’, ‘manage profile’, and ‘create a password’. 

Click on ’create password’ option as you want to create a new password. You will be prompted to enter your username. Once you do that, you can create a new password.


Alaskasworld is a popular website. People use the Alaska Airlines service to fly all across the world. Alaska is a major airline, one of the most important ones in the US. The employees of any of the airlines: Alaska Airlines or Horizon Airlines can use the service to track their flight details. 

The Paperless Employee Travel (PET) port is a great way to manage and track all details. Users can simply visit the website and log in using either their computer or a smartphone. Make sure you have the employee ID, username, and password handy. 

It is also possible to make a new password if you do not already have one. In short, the PET portal makes it easy to access and manage all flight-related information.