555US – How to Find ZIP Code List by State at 555us.com

The ZIP location code is not a new term for Americans. They have been using this term since 1963. The full form of ZIP is Zone Improvement Plan. As a US resident, you will need the code from time to time that will represent your location.

The USPS (United States Postal Service) issues postal codes that are known as ZIP Codes. By using this code, the post office can easily send posts to your correct location. One can search for his/her ZIP code by visiting the 555us.com portal.

What’s more, this portal will help you in searching for the ZIP code from many countries. ZIP codes undoubtedly play a very important role in our lives.  You can enter the ZIP code on the official website to find out the name of the location. Let’s know more about the ZIP code.


Getting to Know USPS Closely

Did you know the USPS reaches approximately 155 million residences? They earn through the taxes received from the product sales and shipping. USPS has a huge staff of approximately 500,000 people.

This postal service is amongst the top rankers in the US when it comes to the biggest employers. You can easily and quickly access USPS online, this postal service is further connected with 32,000 facilities.


The USPS aims to achieve reliability, affordability, trustworthiness, and efficiency. Every US resident has a ZIP code and can thus use this postal service. USPS uses the latest technology to facilitate consumers.

Using their reliable information tracking services, one can simply monitor the letters or parcels they send. The zip code consisted of 5 digits which were later expanded to 9 digits in 1983. The first digit represents a particular group of states in the US.

The second and third digits represent a specific region in the group. Finally, the fourth and fifth digits in the ZIP code stand for a group of addresses.

Agencies, government organizations, and businesses that receive lots of mails sometimes have their own ZIP codes.

How to Access 555US Portal

You can search a zip code for any location through the portal www.555US.com that is accessible from anywhere from any device. To send parcels and letters, there is no need to install the complete address of the shop.

You will be able to find the location of any shop along with the directions with the help of the postal code. Let us see the steps you need to undertake to prepare to access the portal.


Step-1: For accessing 555US, you will always require a search tool first. You can use your desktop computer, laptop, mobile or tablet for this activity. On the selected device, choose a browser with fast internet services to accomplish the online search task.

Step-2: Search the keyword. To use this search portal, you should have a keyword with you. During the search, when you will be asked to enter the keyword, you can use the city name, country name or location radius to search for a location.

Step-3: Now you are ready to explore the website with the prepared search tool.  You can easily send your goods and packets with the ZIP code. Use the search results to find the location of the office or shop which will save your precious time and energy too.

You can find your Zip Code location either by using Google by entering the keyword location or by visiting 555US.com to get the location. Visit the www.555US.com portal. Ensure that you search for the right keyword and don’t be mislead!

Step-4: You will see an option to choose the ZIP search category. There will be 3 filter options. You will be able to search using the city name, country name or search radius.

Step-5: Tap the search button now. You will get the location by using 555US. Further, you will get some Zip Codes on the screen of the system. Ultimately, you can see the search results of the ZIP Code displayed on your device screen. Do not forget to note this code.

Get The ZIP Code Database From 555US.com

After getting the ZIP code, you would need to have a detailed database. You can check various Zip Codes in Excel 555US or 555US PDF files offline even without the searching process.

For searching the ZIP codes of other regions, it is not required to visit another portal. You will find a ZIP code database feature here for the visitors. Just follow the steps mentioned below.

Step-1: Login to the www.555US.com website. After you open the browser, you can use keyword search websites. Ensure that you have the right keyword with you. If your keyword is wrong, then they can mislead the website’s search process.

Step-2: Explore the postal code database menu. You will find the location search form on the very first page along with various links. Just click on the “Zip Code Database” menu to get the database of zip code.

Step-3: Choose the file format. Among the many ZIP Code database links, you will need to select a format for the database file as per your choice. Tap the selected data file.

Step-4: Start the download process. You can transfer files on your smartphones. You will now have the database for a number of regions in the US. Now you can access the file wherever you want.

Now, after discussing the process, you can easily search for the details of your ZIP code and of other regions too. Contact the nearest United States Postal Service office or the customer desk in case of any trouble. They will immediately resolve the issues and help you completely.

Find Your Nearest USPS Office

Just read the following points to connect with the USPS easily. You can easily search for post offices that have services in various regions in the US. Just take the help of the website and follow the instructions given for location search.

Using these steps, you won’t find it difficult to visit the nearest post office. The simple process to find out postal office services is as under.

Step-1: Login in on the www.usps.com portal and start the search. After tapping the locations icon, you will find the website menu and many services. Select the “location” menu to visit the location search page.

Step-2: Use the search filter for location. You will find the location search page. Now enter the required service as the filter. Now, to select the search filter, just select location types.

Step-3: You can select and enter any location keyword from the name of your country, city or ZIP code. Choose the location search radius and tap the icon to search the location and distance.

Step-4: After pressing the search button, all results of the closest local post offices would be displayed on the page. Note down the required information for your use.

Contacting USPS Help Desk

There are several reasons why you might want to contact the USPS helpdesk. If you are facing any difficulties with locating the zip codes or with identifying locations, contact support. You can also give your feedback to the United States Postal Service.


There are several support channels. You can log in on the USPS official website www.usps.com  and open the Feedback page or the Contact Us page to give your feedback. You can also send over your queries and feedback over the official email address.

The USPS Customer Service can be reached over the phone too during the work hours.